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Case Study

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Helmsman International had spent 10 years building a unique value proposition and reputation. With a vision to lead the industry and achieve significant growth, there was a pressing need to identify and communicate the brand’s vision and purpose simply and clearly. Although there was, ‘no other firm with this history of work’, Helmsman’s value was, aside from its clients, largely unknown.
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First off was to confirm the market opportunity by capturing sector and client insights. In large capital projects, complexity has a major impact on outcomes; however, Helmsman’s proprietary approach reduces the level of complexity to deliver substantial improvements in performance. Conquering complexity was the key to developing a single-minded proposition to take to market.
Helmsman Brand Identity: Card, Signage, iPhone Case and Suit Pin

We then got to work on the Helmsman Value Proposition; how the brand and its products uniquely solve a problem or meets a client need. When Helmsman begins a project, they start with the end in mind, which creates a consistent line-of-sight on the intended goal certainty and removes complexity as a pervasive issue.

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With each process Helmsman implements, complexity is no longer a challenge, the outcomes are easier to attain. With numerous case studies to verify the merit in conquering complexity, engaging Helmsman becomes a clear choice.

Helmsman Strapline: Complexity Conquered

We developed a brand platform that positioned the brand clearly in the context of the market, vision and capability of the business. The brand image and identity also needed to evolve to deliver on the value proposition and resonate with a particular audience group (another component of our work was developing a stakeholder matrix of all key audiences; their rational needs, functional roles, aspiration and best communication channel to engage them with).

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The final part of the framework was to develop a content strategy based on the stakeholder matrix to ensure consistency and engagement via targeted communications. This aligns core brand messages to audience-of-one needs and channel preference. supported by a robust digital presence, data analytics and conversion optimization.

The brand now reflects the insightful, research-based and outcome-focused expertise that enables Helmsman to cut through complexity and deliver stellar results for clients.
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