Research Methodology

The Now Protocol team has deep experience in building and enhancing organisational culture in large, complex organisations.

We do this via a strategic, outcomes-focused and highly user-engaging approach. This creates benchmarks for attitude, knowledge and experience; providing a clear, measurable, evidence-based framework for key interventions.  We then align this with a solution designed to embed quality behaviours that address priority concerns and opportunities identified in the results.


Fundamental to our process and approach, and deliver the best possible outcome. The needs, insights and expectations of the project sponsors are clearly identified and incorporated in the survey development and delivery process. We also take into account the broader application of the survey results, to enhance the value of these findings over time.

Design the Research/Survey Format

We know organisational, brand, and audience dynamics can be broad and complex. That’s why a generic or standard survey/research mechanism won’t cut it. Our methodology places your need at the centre of what we do, with the flexibility to configure the research platform specific to your requirements.

Our approach includes:

  • Client Workshop on Key Attributes/Deliverables (e.g structure, content, alignment with strategy/policy)
  • Develop Content Structure
  • Identify any Psychometric Application and Model
  • Iterative approach to develop and finalise questions (via agreed collaboration platform e.g. Slack/Trello) / Copywriting
  • Develop Engagement Messaging, Communications Approach and Frequency.


Given the importance (and challenges) of embedding a clear, engaging and consistent ED&I mindset, understanding the facets of your current situation, areas of concern and key policy aspects to represent are fundamental to the development of a survey format that provides high quality, actionable insights.

  • Internal Team Review / Include Key Stakeholders as Required
  • Review and Refine as Needed
  • Client Sign-off Structure and Approval of Research Questions
  • Client Sign-off on Engagement/Communications Strategy and Approach.

Disseminate the Survey

We work with audiences of all manner of scale and segmentation. Regardless of the cohort size, it’s critical that the platform and delivery process is robust, effective and engaging for the user, to drive the highest level of response.

  • Outreach Platform Build/ Incorporate Content into Delivery Platform
  • Run Test
  • Launch Activity.

Communicate the Results

Capturing data is one thing, putting it in a theme and multi-stakeholder context is critical to building engagement and consensus around how and where to most effectively apply the learnings. That’s why our communication strategy is based on a ‘what-this-means-for-you…’ structure. This is segmented across key and/or challenging areas, to begin the process of substantive engagement and outcome delivery.

  • Collation of Results Data
  • Develop Stakeholder Communications Plan as Required
  • Liaison with Client Team.

Analyse the Data

Given your circumstance will have has its own unique characteristics, we filter and investigate data based on the nature of your need, not an arbitrary or set methodology. This gives you a richer set of insights that can be applied to ongoing learning and development.


Our approach to developing reports is based on appreciating the different ways audiences engage with, and interpret information. This is why we treat our reports as a window into, and a tool for improvement (based on your identified goals, from brand and customer insights, to internal behaviour and attitudes).

Reporting includes:

  • High level results overview (raw data) including key metrics (open/response rates etc.)
  • Demographic Breakdown of Demographics/High-Level/Emerging Themes
  • Executive Summary: High-Level Themes and Insights
  • Design/Format Report/Infographics
  • Incorporate Key Stakeholder Sections into the Final Report.