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About Us | The Now Protocol®

About Us

now: noun at this exact moment; immediately
protocol: noun the correct structure for engaging a particular audience

‘Now’ is the Defining Element
of Our Times:

The fast-moving and constantly changing nature of the 21st Century experience means individuals, communities and organisations must:

  • Be flexible and adaptable to tech-and-societal shifts, to remain relevant
  • Stay connected to the impact of that change; to take consistent advantage of it.

‘Protocol’ Reflects the Critical
Importance of Shared Value:

Brands exist (or disappear) in a dynamic where customer expectation and choice are the dominant forces, which requires:

  • Defining the approach, and structure that best brings brands and audiences together
  • Aligning the wants and needs of both to deliver consistent (and mutual), benefit.

Our Ethos:
Makers of Valuable Brands

We Deliver Superior Brand Value by:

  • Creating relevant, mutually beneficial and active connections with the people that count.
  • Building meaningful, long-lasting relationships based on shared values, and enhancing society
  • Creating the structure to deliver tangible results, not just make brands look good
  • Integrating the tech you need into a seamless, easily managed and valuable resource
  • Treating Brand like a journey we travel together with our clients, not a project with a due date and an Invoice.

Our Clients Span
the Profit Spectrum

Our role is to support and enhance organisations so they can operate at their optimum, by concentrating on what makes them meaningful and valuable to their audiences.

Our deep experience working across the Profit Spectrum gives us the ability to integrate and transfer the best of the for-and-not-for-profit worlds; allowing every client to be even better at what they do, and how they do it.

Values-Based beats
Profit-Driven Every Day

We’re in a world where commerce and community aren’t co-existing so great right now. We won’t try to change profit-above-all behaviour that degrades society and our planet, be we will work with and enhance organisations that want to create a better world; and better life for the people they transact with.