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From Motor Inn, to Bright Star of Hotels

Hara House

Situated in the beautiful town of Bright, surrounded by the majesty of nature in all its forms, Hara House sets the benchmark for style and comfort.

In collaboration with Corlette Design

Enhance the Association to Create Long-lasting Connections

We’re big fans of looking at the dictionary definition of a word, to define its core intent.

Let’s consider the word:


(often in names) a group of people organised for a joint purpose.
“the National Association of Probation Officers”

a connection or cooperative link between people or organisations.
“he developed a close association with the university”

For us, the key terms here are ‘purpose’, ‘connection’ and ‘cooperative’.

Our approach with associations, not-for-profits, charities and businesses is creating meaningful connections with their key audiences. Here’s an example: In our work with the NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA), we often spend time engaging with their members. When they talk about the RFSA, it’s not about an organisation, but like-minded people who have members’ best interests at heart.

The idea of being connected to, and cooperative with a group of like minded people (over 70,000 volunteers and staff across NSW) is fundamental to their sense of purpose, and validates their decision to be associated with the RFSA. But this ethos is not separate to the operational activities of the ‘association’, they’re connected, at every level.

Spirit of Us

A lifestyle brand celebrating the greater good and the power of community.

Designed, developed and managed by us for the NSW RFSA.

We deliver tangible value for the not-for-profit and corporate brands we work with.

It’s a reputation we’ve built with our clients as makers of valuable brands, based on the KPIs that matter most: increase your revenue and improve your fundraising.

Our Approach is based on the 3 Key Metrics for Success:

Identify and connect with the people most likely to use/want your products and services

Position your point of difference and value so you’re the natural choice for customers

Focus on high-margin, low-cost activities that grow revenue, loyalty and advocacy.

Whether you’re NGO or Pty Ltd, you’ll get the research rigour; brand strategy; marketing communications; and ecommerce and social media channels you need. So your key audiences choose you above others; and feel good doing it.

If you want to:

  • improve your bottom line
  • find and connect with the right audiences
  • communicate change
  • make digital technology work better for you

The Now Protocol will make it happen.

Our Services

Ecoture Brand Animation

Marketing & Communications Strategy

For any communication and marketing strategy to succeed, you need a clear, structured and audience-focused strategy driving it. ‘What we want to achieve’ is great for creating internal alignment, but will only go so far if you don’t do the work on identifying ‘Who we are selling to’ and ‘What’s in it for them?’.

Our strategic blueprint is driven by ‘Outside-In’ logic, to identify:

  • who you should be engaging with, and why they’re important
  • what messaging will connect most strongly with them
  • which channels are best for them to be communicated through.

And there’s a value-logic to this: it’s easier, faster and cheaper to refine your approach than spend time, effort and budget trying to change peoples’ views and expectations.

Our approach works for all types of brand, marketing and communications activity, whether it’s content marketing, new brand identity, brand refresh, internal comms, cause-related marketing, donor engagement or strategic communications.

Fundraising Strategy & Delivery

We excel at helping Not For Profits succeed in the super competitive charitable fundraising space because we focus on results. To make your brand connect with and convert your most valuable audiences, our approach concentrates on the 3 key areas that success is defined by:

  • creating a brand-aligned and transaction-based strategy
  • enhancing your existing channels to market with clear; relevant, ‘easy-to-buy’ messaging
  • providing highly efficient, insightful campaign management and analysis every step of the way.

Fundraising that’s unique to you, and compelling for many.

Each fundraising strategy and charity campaign we create is unique to each client; from the fundraising plan to donor identification and eCommerce strategy so your charity campaign delivers on your expectations and budget. Every stage is integrated and efficient, with communications and engagement seamlessly aligned with smart, cost-effective technology to deliver the results you want, without adding to your already busy workload.

WJN Campaign Poster Billboard
RFSA Your Donation Made a Difference eDM

Digital Marketing Services

We all use and benefit from digital technology in our daily lives. But often organisations struggle to create that same user experience for the people that support and fund their operations. This creates a challenge: should someone lower their expectations because a brand won’t/can’t match them?

It’s understandable that organisations are unsure of the benefit, cost and resources to integrate and manage digital marketing platforms, which then influences decision-making. However, many organisations have most of the structure in place to deliver high quality digital marketing activity. It just needs to be optimised to match your needs.

We’ll optimise your digital marketing, not build a whole new one.

Our specialist team will develop the eCommerce strategy, online store, integrated payment gateways  and email marketing platforms that lifts your digital marketing output from your existing set-up. We’ll quickly develop an efficient, easily managed and data-rich digital marketing platform, improving revenue and growing customer acquisition or supporter loyalty.

And because we develop integrated digital marketing strategies, eCommerce platforms  and social media plan that converts your most valuable audiences, you’ll get marketing advice, tech support and campaign management from one trusted partner with a proven track record.

Creative & Content Services

You have a clear marketing strategy and optimum delivery platform for your outreach, now you need the one thing that brings it all together: a compelling story and positioning so your key audiences know what they’re getting, and want to transact with you.

To get to that “I’m in” moment requires a creative expression of why you’re the natural choice. This is why content that validates and deepens the connection between your brand and your ideal audience is critical. Do this, and every type of brand expression stays true to the value you represent. So how do you know what to say, and to which audience?

One story. Applicable to many audiences.

Every successful brand has a story that defines what it stands for and delivers. We develop that story so it’s relevant to more than one audience. This is because people have different drivers for choosing a brand, so a story with multiple perspectives will resonate with more people.

From this, we develop a content strategy that all branded content and creative communications are created from, including the brand identity, copywriting, rich media, collateral, website development and social media.

Mark Lizotte Spirit of Us Volunteer Tee

Industries we work with

NFP & Charities

We help non-profit organisations, get the best from technology and raise more funds to support those in their care, by elevating their ‘why’ to champion their role in our society. 


Giving everyone the opportunity to further themselves through education defines the character of a country. We manage and  communicate change so the sector can define the world we’ll live in.


In a world where Customers and Employees have ‘Choice and a Voice’, we help for-profit companies find the point of difference and value they can own, and people will believe. 


Technology and immediacy have changed how customers perceive Finance and its role in their lives. We give finance brands a platform to go beyond the transaction and connect like humans.   

Our Work

Our Clients