Not For Profit & Charity Marketing

Cause Related Marketing

We work across what we call the “Profit Spectrum’ (Not-for-Profit to For-profit), because there are high value insights and skills that are transferrable between to the two.

For example, NFPs have passion in abundance, and (usually) a clear and powerful story (something that For-Profits often spend huge amounts of money trying to replicate).

We boost your Cause Marketing by getting that story to the right audiences. And we do that through the best channels (for them…).

Add a simple, user-friendly eCommerce integration for supporters to transact on, and you’ve got a cost effective, super-efficient and easy-to-manage platform you can use again and again.

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Fundraising Campaign Strategies

Fundraising is the lifeblood for many NFPs, yet many organisations don’t have the resources, or budget to pay for a dedicated employee. With limited staff working on operational activity, fundraising can fall back to, ‘Do what we did last time’.

But if you want to raise funds at higher levels, you need experts who can create an integrated fundraising strategy, to run it.


  • Look at every aspect of your current fundraising approach
  • Keep what’s working, enhance what isn’t, and improve the logic and language of your offer
  • Identify how to attract new, younger audiences (more inclined to transact digitally)
  • Enhance your communication channels so you can analyse supporter activity better, faster

Here’s a tip: ‘The difference we make’ connects with supporters stronger than, ‘What we do’. This is because people buy on emotion and justify with logic (not the other way around)

The process is fast, efficient and cost-effective. Get in touch and lets get started.

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Donor Engagement, Acquisition, & Retention

There is no relationships as valuable as that between a NFP and their supporter. Because of its importance, a brand must treat the connection with a donor like it’s a priceless gift.

Donor identification is just the beginning. It sets the tone and a benchmark for how to connect and engage, from the first outreach onwards. We treat supporter acquisition as the first step in supporter retention.

There’s a commercial logic to this: The cost of retention is cheaper than the cost of acquisition.

So, we develop a donor engagement strategy and retention plan to work from. And then create a communication structure for every touchpoint in the supporter’s journey. This keeps the brand connected to every engagement. When you consistently show your appreciation for them choosing you over others, you’ll both benefit.

RFSA Thank you eDM
HCF Customer Journey Map

“The NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA) has enjoyed a valuable partnership with The Now Protocol for several years.  Initially engaged to assist with communications support, the partnership has broadened to include development of fundraising plans and website reinvigoration.

The partnership has been valuable in bringing increased sophistication to member communication, and upskilling for staff.  Partnering with The Now Protocol has allowed us to have the extra talent required for particular projects, without increasing headcount in the short term, working together as a team with other third parties as required.

Thanks Paul for your efforts in improving our business.”


Sharon Ellicott, CEO, NSW Rural Fire Service Association

NFP, NGO & Charity Branding & Communications

In our book, Charities deserve the best brand identity and communications strategy to do their incredible work for society. So we commit all our skills, insights and experience to charity branding that doesn’t just look good, it grows your reputation and revenue.

The Now Protocol approach to developing brands is based on identifying and understanding what you stand for, what’s important to your key audiences and what your ultimate goal is.

Once we have defined this we create the story of your brand which acts as a guide for how your brand presents itself, visually and verbally. Which can then validated against the key activities you undertake. From that we develop a clear, and comprehensive brand identity and brand communications framework:

  • Logo
  • Strapline
  • Palette (Primary and Secondary)
  • Typeface (Heading and Body)
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Story
  • Verbal Guidelines
  • Usage examples (Digital/Web/Print applications)
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Noro Music Therapy Brand Book

eCommerce & Payment Gateway Solutions

To deliver the best fundraising campaigns, your eCommerce strategy and payment gateway needs to work like you’d expect if you were transacting online.

That’s because you wouldn’t accept a sub-standard online sales process, so why expect your most important audience to?

We can develop a new online sales portal or optimise your existing NFP eCommerce setup quickly and easily, using popular plugins that are well supported by the global developer community. 

This leads to an important consideration NFPs should readily adopt. Something NFPs can learn from For-Profits.

In the commercial sector, businesses know that platforms which are used by many organisations have passed the, ‘It works’ test. Unfortunately, some NFPs can get led into using bespoke platforms the are ‘specially designed’ for the sector.

In our experience, this creates more issues that it solves. Because why get software that’s expensive, hard to manage or update internally? When you can get a platform that’s stable, effective, easily configured by your team, and much cheaper to acquire and run.

The number of times we’ve had to extricate a client from a very unhappy software deal, and give them something so much better, makes us mad that their good intentions ended with a bum deal.

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Community and Commerce? 

Yes, Not-for-Profits Can Have Both

Not-for-Profits play a critical role in our society. As governments reduce social services, more people rely on NFPs to fill the gap.

Nobody does more-with-less than NFPs. However this work ethic can create barriers to delivering on your promise.

If operations take up limited internal resources, fundraising activity can be de-prioritised. The good news is you shouldn’t have to choose between cause and commerce. You can have both.

When you accentuate the positives you get better results, faster. We activate the hidden value every NFP has (but can’t always see, or know how to tap into). And we’ll do it for you, so you can concentrate on making society better.

We help you shift from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’ and create sustained value. Plus, we’re with you every step of the way, providing the strategy and technology that’s right for your specific needs. All delivered without adding to your already busy workload.

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