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Research and Insights Agency | The Now Protocol


We turn Information into Insights, then Improvement.

To help clients succeed in the multi-channel, fast evolving world of business, it’s critical to identify the influence of technology, behaviour, trends and commerce. Research and Data are fundamental in providing the context and clarity required to develop effective strategies.

To create and deliver the best possible relationships and outcomes, being deeply versed in the nature of human behaviour and action is ‘must-have’. So we view research as waypoints offering insights into, and drivers for, future activity.

Whether it’s market, consumer, employee, product/service or operational research, we consider every data set through our unique lens:

How do we improve what happens next?

Data shouldn’t just Validate. It should Verify.

Full Disclosure: We love Research.

Not because we’re Data Wonks (we do love how their minds work; know the value they provide, and work with the best and brightest). It’s because the more varied information we have at our disposal, the broader viewpoint we can create for our clients. And it’s amazing what insights are revealed when you look at an event, challenge or opportunity from multiple angles. That’s why what you choose to research, and what data to access, is critical to the outcome.

Our role is to understand the nature of the identified need, then define what and where to improve. What we look for is the interdependencies, those points where a correlation does (or should) occur. And whilst a single data set often provides valuable information, aligning multiple attributes allows for deeper perspectives and insights. In our experience, this can have a huge impact on the outcome, from operations or marketing. Our view is sometimes what’s most visible isn’t always the most valuable.

A dictionary definition of ‘Discovery’ is ‘revealing something that already exists’. That’s pretty much our approach to research, looking at something in a new context to build clarity and better results.