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Teddington Brand Logo Mark


Teddington Legal is a law firm located in Sydney Australia. They offer traditional legal services, with a unique and valuable approach delivering these services.
The fast-growing commercial relationship between Australia and China provided the impetus for the brand’s extension to address the Chinese market, having built an immigration and visa compliance, and conveyancing of property sales service offering for Chinese Nationals.
Offering these investors and businesses Australian legal expertise with a Mandarin language and culturally appropriate extension of the Teddington Legal brand was the logical step for the business.
Teddington Bus Stop Advertising


Create a bespoke yet complementary version of the Teddington Brand for the Chinese market. A decade of working in brand and marketing in China gave our team the necessary insights on client need-states and approach to business relationships.
Our China experts created a Mandarin brand name: Tan Ting
Tan Ting Branding Graphic

Tan: Sandalwood.

Meaning “smooth,” it indicates our audience’s future in this new country (with Teddington’s support). It also means “honest, calm, candid,” showcasing Teddington’s work ethic and capability.While exploring the significance of this character, we discovered that after Asia, the second major home of sandalwood is Australia; a beautiful parallel for the audience and brand.
Ting: Chinese pavilion.
A Chinese architectural symbol, pavilions were built along major roads; a place where travellers can feel safe away from home, and find respite. The architecture of a pavilion is also a metaphor for the brand’s vision: protective, yet open.
Tan Ting Brochure (Chinese Audience)

The brilliance of this name is how multi-layered messages are created with just two characters. These brings the two cultures and countries together in a subtle, artistic way, symbolising Australia as the ideal second home for our target audience.This rationale allowed our designers to create beautiful, interpretive logo elements.

Teddington TShirt, Tote Bag and Banner Branding

There is also a phonetic alignment to the Teddington brand, presenting a solid and proper brand image. Both characters are commonly used in translated names, giving a western look and feel to the brand.

The client was so impressed by the Tan Ting brand they decided to enhance the Teddington master brand to reflect the more contemporary image of the sister brand.
Teddington/Tan Ting Branding Logo Marks

Using elements from the Tan Ting visual identity we evolved elements of the orginal Teddington brand to incorporate the characteristics of the newly imagined Chinese brand identity.

Teddington Mobile Website on iPhone

New collateral was developed for both business units.

Teddington Letterhead
Teddington Signage

Moving to new offices provided an opportunity to bring the brand to life in the physical environment.

Teddington Website Home Page on iMac