GSA Blue Circle Logo

GSA is an insurance broker with a difference. They’re believers in the greater good; putting their client’s need first to understand what’s important to them. Only then will they recommend the best cover to protect that precious asset.

In a sector where most brands start with, ‘What we do…’, GSA’s ‘It’s all about you’ approach helps them stand up and out from the rest.

GSA Bluebook Intro Spread

Over the 15 years we’ve been associated with GSA, one piece of work continues to stand out: The Little Blue Book.

Originally developed as a culture and brand guide for GSA staff, it has become an indispensable tool for engaging prospective clients. The Little Blue Book clearly identifies what GSA stands for. This lets clients know what they’ll expect when working with GSA.

As client needs and expectations naturally evolve, this pocket pitch has been enhanced over the years. Yet it stays true to the core elements that reflect GSA’s unique DNA.

GSA Bluebook Behaviours Spread

In the world of disposable information, and transient experiences, The Little Blue Book represents something tangible and relevant.

By creating and sharing printed copies of the book, clients have something real to identify the GSA brand’s attitude and actions by. The GSA approach is put into a context that’s easy to refer to, and validate.

This places responsibility on GSA people to ‘walk the talk’. And in the insurance sector, being responsible for doing it right is an important marker.

GSA Blue Book Layout Designs

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of GSA, we developed a video that highlights the brand’s two defining characteristics:

  • The human and client-centric ethos at the heart of the business
  • The people who exemplify the dedication and passion that makes GSA different