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Ecoture is a fashion aggregator bringing ethical fashion brands to humanity-oriented consumers. As a business differentiated by its values, it was important to position Ecoture as the go-to brand for eco-ethical fashion. Communicating the brand story with purpose, clarity and positivity was key.
The challenge lay in creating a like-minded space so designers and customers can form a community; where the desire to do good (and look good doing it) would stand out from fast-fashion marketplaces brands flooding the market. So we jumped at the chance to make Ecoture the benchmark for style with humanity.
Ecoture Gift Cards

The Brand Elements: Working closely with the brand’s founders we developed a Brand positioning that reflects the Ecoture passion and ethos. Along visual identity reflecting the authentic nature of the brand positioning; with the appeal and impact required in this highly competitive industry.

The Strapline: The relationship between human need and its impact on the world is central to the brands ethos; and consistent reminder of the fragility of nature in the face of rampant consumerism. As an enabler of the relationship, we wanted Ecoture to be recognised as the connector.
Ecoture Values, Meet Beauty
The idea of introducing people to the Ecoture ethos, and forming a connection between individuality and altruism, is at the heart of the Strapline we developed.
‘Values, meet Beauty’ encapsulates this connectivity, with Ecoture as introducer for two groups sure to be friends for life. The strapline reinforces that desiring beauty and personality need not be in conflict with humanist values.
Ecoture Catalogue Page Sample

The Design Mnemonic: To introduce and create a lasting, memorable impression of the brand, we created a design Mnemonic (pronounced, ‘nem-onic’) to represent natural order and beauty; with craftsmanship and care. The verbal identity was refined to create an accessible brand language while reinforcing a sense of community across key market segments.

Ecoture Summer Catalogue Cover
Ecoture Winter Email Banner
Ecoture Website Home Page

Digital Presence: For every web and social media touchpoint we developed designs specific for each interaction, and appropriate for the interaction-type.

Ecoture eDM Examples

Sales and Fulfillment Collateral: To support a seamless and consistent audience experience, we created designs and templates for all communications.

Ecoture Fulfillment Tree