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Mark Dix’s piece on 'why AI makes Human Intelligence more valuable than ever' should be mandatory reading | The Now Protocol®
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Mark Dix’s piece on ‘Why AI makes Human Intelligence more valuable than ever’ should be mandatory reading

We love Mark Dix’s piece ‘Why the Rise of AI makes Human Intelligence More Valuable than Ever’.

It’s a smart view that puts the prospect of AI into a cogent and inherently valuable context, and makes a point we’ve held for some time; that the role of people and the characteristics of human behaviour are the accelerant to bigger ideas, and far better utilisation of AI and Machine Learning; a human interface where insights, ethics and outcomes are brought together to make technology work best for humans (not the other way around).

This also has a flow-on effect and benefit in setting the parameters and behaviour for organisational cultures; where openness, proficiency and purpose liberate people to be their best; delivering the best outcomes, and feeling good about doing it. Where buzzwords and platitudes (Innovative! Agile!) aren’t nearly as valuable as helping people ‘get it’ so they can get on with making a difference. To paraphrase the insightful Patrick Hollingworth, “true innovation and agility is not a process of doing, it’s a way of being”.

And while we’re at it, let’s agree to stop using the term ‘Human Intelligence’ like it’s a new construct (FYI, it isn’t). Where pretty sure it’s been an integral part of humankind from the beginning, and a fundamental (yet mostly under-utilised) component of every organisation in the world. But tap into this by giving people the remit to apply their intelligence and insights and the result is amazing, valuable things happen.

This is what we call People and Culture 3.0, a dynamic where the best of human ideas, endeavour and application integrate with AI and Machine Learning (Buzzword Alert!) to re-define what HR is, and its value to organisations. HR then becomes more about ‘Human Resurgence’, with all the opportunity and certainty that comes with this; but the current discourse doesn’t make the connection to.

So, keep it human, people. We’re indispensible and highly valuable. And we can prove it.
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