Fundraising Strategy

NFP & Charity Fundraising Strategies

Raising funds in the cause-related space is a challenging activity. With so much competition, and many worthy causes to choose to support, the strategy behind the outreach needs to be considered from a range of perspectives:

  • Who is our best-aligned audience for this outreach?
  • What is the nature of the relationship (existing, new, lapsed)?
  • Which messaging is going to engage and compel them to transact?
  • Is there a current event or news story that can be leveraged?


Here’s a Tip: In the charity/NFP dynamic it’s easy to ‘keep going back to the well’ of people who’ve previously given. Often, organisations have substantial lists of lapsed supporters, who are one of the most valuable groups to (re)engage with. Why? They know you. By having supported you before, you don’t have to do the full explanation. Through our work with the NSW RFSA, we have had extraordinary success re-connecting with this community of like-minded people. 


 Digital & Social Media Fundraising Campaigns

As the population ages, the approach to fundraising is also undergoing change. Older generations are strongly connected to the concept of donating, and traditional fundraising techniques (buying raffle tickets for example). They are also willing to engage via phone. But younger demographics have a different set of expectations, driven by the ubiquity of digital technology and platforms. For them, answering the phone is not a priority.

To develop an effective fundraising campaign, it is critical to take a multi-channel approach, that carries a strong message beyond, ‘You Can Win Big!’. Our work with PCYC centred around showing not just where the funds would go to, but highlighting the challenges young people face, and positive outcomes resulting from the PCYC activities.

Social and digital fundraising technology is high value in terms of ease of transaction, cost of outreach and supporter data management (something to be extremely diligent around). A research-based approach will create the environment for success, as does taking a test-and-refine approach to campaigns. This will allow for learnings from previous activity to inform future campaign strategies.


Creative Fundraising Consultants & Expertise

Managing fundraising activity with limited budgets and resources isn’t easy. And when you include the need to keep pace with technology trends and data management, accessing experts makes good commercial sense. Our job is to constantly review and enhance fundraising best practice. So you can access the skills and output that will increase your returns. And because we bring a wealth of results-based experience, you’ll get better results faster, and at a lower cost.

Importantly, you’re working with people who genuinely want to help the sector punch above its weight, and make society better.