Member Engagement & Communications

Member Loyalty Marketing

If someone chooses to join your organisation, they’ve made a decision to prefer you over others. That’s a clear sign of their loyalty. So make them feel like they’ve made the right choice. To do this, you need to communicate, remind and reward them regularly. Why? Because loyalty is a two-way relationship. If all you do is take from the interaction, it won’t last.

Our strategy for member loyalty marketing is based on never forgetting what they do for you. We take an ‘Ask-and-Give’ approach, marrying what our client wants to get from members, with equal attention to what they will receive from their membership.

Our work with the RFSA membership is based on creating visibility, access and benefits in every engagement. We created a digital member portal that holds all the key information they need, with easy access and support available whenever they need it.

We advised and made recommendations on how to efficiently and cost-effectively updating the member database. Then supported the integration into the website UX we designed.

This updated member interface dramatically reduces the time and resources required of the RFSA team to manage member queries and update to information in the database and support ease of connectivity for members.

We also enhanced the RFSA’s member benefits program by creating RFSA+ which offers member discounts on appropriate products and services. This is easily accessed via the member portal.

Member Communications Services

TNP also created an overarching communications strategy based on the RFSA’s member engagement and support goals. These benefits are delivered through key RFSA comms channels (Member website, socials, Newsletters and Events) to engage members and reinforce the depth of support and appreciation for this membership.

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NFP and Charity Loyalty Communications Strategy

In the highly competitive NFP and Charity fundraising space, convincing people to give their money to your organisation won’t get any easier. But with the right strategy and clear understanding of what drives your key audiences, you can achieve your goals.

Our job is not to point out the problems with a communication strategy. What we do is find what makes your story and offer most appealing. Then we create the logic, structure and messaging to engage and convert your most valuable supporters.

And as your story evolves, and have more evidence why you’re worth supporting, messaging can seamlessly add to your stature.