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Customer Experience Journey Mapping Services | The Now Protocol®

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Strategic Customer Journey Mapping 

Whilst every customer interaction is based on getting to a transaction, a sale shouldn’t be the only goal. Why? No brand should consider a single transaction as the job done. Consider this: How much time and effort is required to identify, engage, connect and transact with a customer?

The answer is of course, ‘A lot’. 

So why put that much time and effort into a single return?  Smart brands don’t think that way. They never forget that customer loyalty goes beyond (and comes before) a sale. This creates deeper value because of the advocacy, support and preference customers give a brand. It’s a strategy that creates amazing benefits.
So, if you’re going to build a long term, engaged relationship with customers, appreciate that you’re on a shared journey, where every step is an opportunity to build trust and connections.

And the best way to do that is by mapping their journey with you. Our work with HCF helped them understand that acquisition, claims and win-back, whilst important, were only a small part of the journey. By shining a light on other areas where members felt under-appreciated or lacking support triggered a mindset shift: every touchpoint, no matter how small, is important. This lead to a shift in the HCF approach to communication. Every interaction was treated as substantial 

Customer Experience Consulting

If you want to effectively and intelligently map the customer experience, having an experienced, objective view on how, where and when to connect is high-value. This is because brands can get so close to what they do, they miss the core aspect of a customer’s expectations: what do they want from us? 

Our approach brings a clear logic and customer perspective to the process, providing insights and direction in areas that brands don’t normally consider (but do bring rewards for the customer). We transfer our knowledge of customer needs and expectations so that can become part of your brand’s DNA. and by creating simple structures that allow you to evolve with the changing nature of how customers interact, you stay connected to them.  

Customer Engagement & Communications Strategies

Effective relationships are created when there’s mutual understanding of the benefit gained from the connection. That’s why we base every engagement and communication strategy on finding and expressing the ‘shared space’ between a brand and its audience. For our work with Ecoture, a vegan fashion brand with an ethos of making fashion