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Reach, Revenue and Reputation

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Lana Sandas
Women's Justice Network

“Protocol created a new brand with our original values still intact; only delivered more effectively. We could not have asked for a better experience or outcome. They had an enormous job on their hands that required passion, sensitivity, patience, expertise and respect. They aced it!”

Sharon Ellicot
Rural Fire Service Association

“We’ve received many well-meaning offers of support recently, The Now Protocol’s practical approach showed their deep understanding of our needs, and skills in developing a donations campaign that produced incredible results for the RFSA.”

Kel Beckett
One Contact
Executive General Manager

“The Now Protocol have added considerable benefit to our business, improving revenue for us and our clients. Paul and the TNP team are highly collaborative and holistic in their thinking – always proactive, outcome-focused and client-driven in their approach. We see this as a partnership, where our combined service offering delivers greater value.”

An integrated suite of services that drive brand revenue and loyalty.

NFPs tend to work with limited brand and marketing resources (and budgets), so transferring our knowledge in tangible ways lets clients get the most from their output. Every one of our clients has increased their skills-set as a result of our proactive approach to mentoring. for example, providing useable copy guides that are easy to craft content with; tips on how to capture quality Social Media assets , and sharing strategic logic with clients reduces the need for agency input, and increases the perception of value we bring.

21st Century communication is a ‘audience-of-one’ dynamic, where engagement and information need to align with different demographics, and satisfy their specific requirements. Creating defined audience segments, and messaging matched with each group’s life experience and expectations; create meaningful connections, (a key aspect of any NFP’s value proposition) and builds brand affinity  that ‘broadcast’ audience strategies simply can’t deliver.

Every interaction an NFP has with its member and supporter base needs to be consistent, and in keeping with the ethos and benefit of the organisation. By mapping every interaction (membership drives, raffle sales, news and updates etc.) we can help build a clear and consistent way of engaging with your key audiences so they feel connected to the brand every step of the way.

NFP Social Media works best when there is a specific role for each social media channel. This:

  • Simplifies how to deliver and manage posts
  • Forms the structure for a flexible, simple-to-manage social media calendar,
  • Creates highly efficient content development and posting frequency.

NFP’s with a substantial fund-raising function need to balance altruism with optimism, so supporters see the merit in parting with hard-earned cash, and are motivated by the personal benefit. Our approach concentrates on getting that messaging ratio right to consistently deliver, ‘Do good, feel good’ messaging. This way, the role of different channels (Outbound Call, SMS, Email, Social Media etc.) are clearly defined and aligned with content to provide the best outcome.

NFP’s offer a particular type of Ecommerce experience to multiple audiences from different demographics. This requires a User Experience (UX) that resonates and builds trust with these audiences. Given many NFP supporters are older, and often digitally wary, providing easy, seamless payment options from respected and well-known gateways is an important consideration.

Users expect to have a ‘new’ (refreshed) experience when they regularly visit a raffle/lottery website, because prize imagery and stories of recent winners personalises the opportunity, and acts as a motivation to buy tickets. Taking a raffle site live also needs to be done in a timely and effective manner. We have developed a simple and effective process to change over prize assets, update recent winner content and refresh stories of people who’ve received much-needed support.

We’re not fans of the term ‘lapsed donor’, because it infers that they are somehow responsible for ending the relationship with a brand. If they’re not engaging with you, it’s probably because of something you’ve done. Dormant Supporters who have already transacted with an NFP are a substantial (and easier) group to engage to increase funding inflows for NFPs’, so effectively managing the re-engagement process with them is critical. Our Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) design and engagement strategy approach creates a connection with the ‘reason why’ and introduces the evolved experience supporters can expect with the NFP. eDM design elements are matched to the transactional site experience, so the supporter has a seamless journey from engagement to transaction.

NFP Ecommerce delivery can require special functionality to simplify how different transactions are reconciled (donation and raffle/lottery). We have developed a solution that partitions donation and raffle/lottery website transactions, and an integrated data export process to assist reconciliation of these two fund inflows. We also manage and test the ecommerce function when transitioning the changeover from completed to new (or concurrent) raffles.

For audiences that aren’t digitally savvy, or need assistance, having a webchat function that is engaging, and simple to get information or assistance from, can improve the experience and enhance the perception of the NFP brand. We can design and implement highly efficient webchat interface that delivers brand aligned one-to-one support quickly and easily.

A critical aspect of any web strategy, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be high value tools for NFP’s. Our view is that these are not a ‘silver bullet’, but part of the integrated structure required to attract and engage key audiences. So every cent you spend proves its value, we will only recommend the most simple and effective SEO/SEM platforms for your needs.

When every dollar counts, you need to be sure you are getting the greatest return on your investment, so we place great emphasis on how we capture, analyse and report on traffic, campaigns and user behaviour data. This ‘test-and-refine’ approach lets us make recommendations on how to consistently deliver the best outcomes across all your output; so you can stay across how every activity is running.

Connecting with and convincing a sizeable audience to choose your brand over others comes down to how well your express your ‘why’, in the context of their emotional makeup. We’ve seen too many brands impact the opportunity by looking at the project from a purely tactical viewpoint, not as a part of a cohesive engagement strategy to build long-term support, trust and advocacy. Want to build a robust fundraising strategy? Do the work to understand who your most valuable audiences are, and what triggers will unlock their support.